July 21, 2009

What do YOU wish you knew when you were 20?

Four years ago, when he turned sixteen, it dawned on me that my son, Josh would be heading to college in only two years. I wanted to share with him what I wished I had known when I left home and when I started my career. So, I created a growing list of things I now know are critically important in making one’s place in the world. This document resided on the desktop of my computer and whenever I remembered another lesson, I added it to the list. A few months after I started this project, I was asked to give a talk to students in a business leadership program at Stanford and decided to use these insights for inspiration. I crafted a talk called “What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20,” in which I wove together these concepts with short video clips of entrepreneurial thought leaders who amplified these ideas. This talk eventually turned into a book by the same name.

My original list included things such as turn problems into opportunities, make your own luck, try lots of things and keep what works, and don't burn bridges. I invite you to add your own lessons to the list... What do YOU wish you knew when you were 20?


Anonymous said...

I am only just over 20 so very keen to hear other comments!

Mine is.........
That everybody else is just as scared, nervous, self conscious as you! So don't think everyone is looking at you thinking what you think they are thinking.

Leah said...

I wish someone had told me to slow down and actually enjoy college, with all it's annoyances and late nights and insecurities, because real life is a lot less fun and a lot more stressful.

Also: 4 years goes faster than you can ever imagine at 18 or 20.

Ian Tang said...

I love the question, these are mine:

1. There are only 520 weeks in your 20s
2. The college is the easiest place to meet people or mates
3. In your years in college, start a ...

elisa said...

I wish I would have known that school and society expect you to get a J.O.B. when you graduate.
Nobody ever told me that I could own a business or make my own way in the world.

I also wish I would have known in my 20's to ENJOY and PLAY with my children. They are gone now, and I want that time back. POOF, time is gone not to return.

"Youth really is wasted on the Young."