April 3, 2009

Class Act

It is the beginning of a new academic quarter and I am teaching a course on creativity and innovation. The theme of the class is that all problems are opportunities... I start out giving the students small problems and keep making them more challenging as the course progresses. All problems have no right answer and you need to stretch in different directions to find a solution. As a warm-up, yesterday we did an exercise where teams of students got to experiment using metaphors to provide new insights and inspiration. The assignment was to come up with as many answers as possible for the following:

Ideas are like ________ because___________

Here are some of the hundreds of answers they came up with...

Ideas are like babies because everyone thinks theirs is cute.

Ideas are like shoes because you need to break them in.

Ideas are like mirrors because they reflect the local environment.

Ideas are like hiccups because when they start they don’t stop.

Ideas are like bubbles because they easily burst.

Ideas are like cars because they take you places.

Ideas are like chocolates because everyone loves them.

Ideas are like the measles because they are contagious.

Ideas are like waffles because you need to throw the first ones out.

Ideas are like spider webs because they are stronger than they appear.

Do others come to mind???


Cory Levy said...

Ideas are like the SAT or ACT because you know you can always score higher by working harder.

(I'm a high school junior taking the ACT tomorrow ;))

Tina said...

Good luck on the test... and remember that real life is the ultimate open book exam!

Tina said...
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