March 13, 2008

All I can say is WOW!

I am finally on the road to recovery after a wild week of entrepreneurial festivities. I must say that Entrepreneurship Week at Stanford was a huge success. Every event was packed and participants were thrilled with the range of activities.

I was directly involved with several of the activities, especially the international Innovation Tournament. Essentially, we gave each team the challenge of creating as much value as possible using RUBBER BANDS. Teams could of any size, they could use as many rubber bands as desired, and value could be measures in any way they wanted.

We revealed the new challenge after showing a movie about last year's Innovation Tournament with Post-It notes. The film, called Imagine It!, can be downloaded at the Imagine It Project web site.

The results of this year's challenge were remarkable! Here are links to all the winning submissions. And, here are a few of my favorites.

This one, called WebArt 2.0, is a community art project:

This one, called Shoe Bands, is a fabulously funny fake infomercial.

This one, called Do Bands, had a huge impact. It is truly brilliant.

This one is my favorite because it captures the real essence of entrepreneurship. It also won the biggest failure prize. See why...

Stay tuned for the next Innovation Tournament in November. There will be a brand new challenge revealed.

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